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The Cardinal's Room: A Step Back In Time

The Cardinal’s Room, as it is known in the Oratory, is the room in which St. John Henry Newman lived, prayed, read, wrote his many thousands of letters, composed his sermons, counselled the other Fathers, managed the running of the Oratory House, etc., for the last 38 years of his life. It was also the room in which he slept (each Oratorian has only a single room) until he was made a Cardinal, when his bedchamber was converted into his private chapel. At this altar he said his daily Mass, overlooked by the many photographs and mementoes of departed friends for whom he prayed each day. This room has been preserved, untouched, since Newman’s death in 1890. Books, objects, pictures,...

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Cardinal Newman's Study: An Update

Furniture was moved back into Cardinal Newman's study yesterday after extensive conservation work to repair damage to the fabric of the room. Below: a picture of the work in progress, and pictures taken this afternoon of St John Henry's room once again as he left it, and preserved for the next generation. We are grateful to everyone who has donated so far, thus making this vital preservation and restoration work possible. If you have not yet donated, please consider a donation. Any amount is most valued. 

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An Update on the Restoration

Dear Friends,   As you can see from the photographs, the restoration work on the roof of the Cardinal’s Library and adjacent roofing is going at a fine pace. The lantern roof, which was in danger of collapsing, has been reconstructed using whatever elements of the old structure were salvageable. New glass, wood and metal were also employed, and the top of the lantern re-leaded. The pitch of the surrounding roofing has been accentuated to facilitate speedy drainage, and to avoid possible flooding. It has now been possible to begin the removal of the scaffolding, which has hitherto covered the roofing in order to protect it. Light has begun to penetrate some parts of the building which have been shrouded...

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